1100 x 1900 mm   /   1200 x 1900 mm
1300 x 1900 mm  /   1400 x 1900 mm
1500 x 1900 mm  /   1600 x 1900 mm

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Door Type
Sliding Door
8mm tempered clear glass
Aluminum in sliver effect

Plastic big rollers for the bottom

Support Bar Aluminum support bar on the top

Zinc alloy handle

Door Magnetic Strip
Plastic door magnetic strip
Install Left and right reversible
Shower Tray
Without shower tray

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Dimension Drawings

If not otherwise stated, all dimensions are in mm. All dimensions and weights listed on this page are subject to manufacturing and measuring tolerances. Final specifications, based on customers requirements, will be confirmed during the ordering process. Only the original product can fully represent the detail quality and finishing quality of  Our products. Due to monitor settings and environment the precived colors may slighty vary from the orignal product. Our  may make product modifications and enhancements. Specifications may change without notice.