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Product range --- Shower Enclosure
Fulaite Shower Enclosure are available in a variety of shapes,sizes and styles to suit any bathroom or shower room
in your home.Rwvitalising in the morning refreshing after a long day at work or relaxing last thing at night,Fulaite provide
functionality combined with a shower enclosure that both feels and looks good.

Complete list of Shower Enclosure
soft closing shower enclosure series
BR4001 series
G series
109 series
150c series
507 series
PF series
LV series
HE series
BMA series
BS series
NL series
HX-220 series
AM series
CV Series
KL series
WL series
4 sides glass cabin
118c 119c
175 series
503 series
508 series
BR020 series
BR2001 series
BR5003 BR5004
BR7000 series
BR8000 series
Walk-in enclosure
ZD series
HOR series
US002.HX99 series